Reception Barn

Possibility of a banquet, bar service, projector, big screen and sound system. A stage for musicians, many tables and a bar at the interior / exterior border. The first mezzanine is an open space with a large opening allowing for maximum lighting and an outside view. The second mezzanine is a “lounge” style area. Furnished with sofas allowing for a well-earned rest after a day of Rafting. With a breathtaking décor, three large doors give access to a 15 meter high balcony overlooking the campfire area and the surrounding area.
Take advantage of our reception Barn for a one-of-a-kind reunion (at no extra cost with a rafting reservation of 50 people or more). Our rustic look can also satisfy the most romantic among us for a marriage ceremony, or a unique honeymoon experience. End of the year school trip, “bachelorette” party or a man’s coming of age?! Our base camp can be at your disposal. Our camp grounds have room for 200 people.

The Rafting Momentum reception Barn allow you to be in complete harmony with nature. One side of our Barn opens up to see our forested grounds and our campfire. We preserve nearly all the trees that grow on these grounds to offer that feeling of remoteness despite our proximity to the big city of Ottawa (100km). Our rustic Barn has an open-concept design with high ceilings. Its roof is adorned with multiple openings allowing sunlight to come through. Trees surrounding the campfire area give the impression of an indoor terrace continuing out of the building. The lighting is reminiscent of a warm ambiance while the encircling torches in the evening accentuate the tribal look, providing a comfortable atmosphere.