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Word from the GM

“Thank you for considering us among your choices of whitewater adventure / vacation destinations. Know that for us, Rafting is not only a party on the river but also a party at the end of the evening where friends, adrenaline and humour are gathering! For us, Rafting is THE best way to celebrate our friendships. Because when we plan on such a day, we want to call those we see often and those we would like to see more often.

Why choose us? Apart from our philosophy: "Our place is yours!" and the fact that we take our time on the river, let me list a few factors that we think are important.”

Philippe OuelletteDirecteur général

Rafting in Canada

Ottawa River

First, the Ottawa River is the best rafting river in Canada! It offers a “2 for 1”; it splits into two main channels and each one runs alongside each other and offers very high quality rapids. When the water is high, we take the “Middle” section as it offers more rapids. When the water goes down, we take the “Main” one because it becomes the most interesting Rafting option.

When the water level is in between and we are unsure of the best option… well, we take both channels! By the way, we are the only company on the river that acts this way 😉


The Ottawa River, for the regions of Ottawa / Gatineau and... Toronto

1h from Ottawa, 4h24 from Toronto

The Ottawa River is the river that never disappoints and always offers a more than interesting alternatives. It is internationally known for its white water! It can accommodate international calibre Rafting and Whitewater Kayaking competitions. In 2015, the biggest whitewater kayaking competition took place at one of our finest rapids. Stands have been set up on the shore and thousands of people have seen the sport’s greatest athletes surpass themselves.

It has classes 3 to 5 rapids at all times.

In addition, did you know that this river is not afraid of drought and flooding? Due to its size and incredibly high volume, this river offers quality Rafting whether it’s a rainy spring or a dry summer.

And all this close to your home! This jewel of constant waves is 4:30 from the Toronto River Rafting enthusiasts and one hour from the Ottawa and Gatineau area. 100 km from downtown Ottawa to be more precise. What makes us the closest Rafting destination to the National Capital. Take route 148 on the Quebec side, it offers breathtaking landscapes! Rafting as you like, close to downtown Gatineau and Ottawa.

Ottawa River

A river of white water AND warm water

Did you know that we are envied around the world to be able to raft on the Ottawa River? This river is known for its warm water! Join us in mid-June and you will already feel the magic of being in the water in complete comfort … and this from mid-June to mid-September.

If you come to see the river in April or May, we will lend you free wetsuits to keep you warm.

Our 1 or 2 days Rafting packages

Full day on the Ottawa River

The river, our passion, our home

We offer you a FULL day of Rafting and outdoor activities. We are actually THE company that gives you the most time on the river, and it’s really not a sacrifice for us to offer this. All of our guides are passionate people who want to be on the water as long and as often as possible.

We only come back home once we’ve shared with you all that the Ottawa River has to offer.

Our 2 days Partner Packages

Our all inclusive packages

We take care of you

Two meals included. Our dinner is the most complete and the most suitable for a day of Rafting; fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and cheese. The perfect blend to energize you and keep you hydrated. With this healthy meal, you will be in perfect condition to continue your day of adventure. When you return to base camp, we will offer you a hearty classic BBQ; burgers, hot dogs and Caesar salad.

Rafting Momentum offers you camping for free. Bring your tent and prolong the fun! Your beer or apple juice will never have tasted so good as after a day of Rafting! We want you to stay and experience this relaxed post-Rafting atmosphere where all the worries of everyday life are forgotten. After dinner, we will light the campfire and our reception barn is transformed into a large, warm and friendly space.

The stories around the fire begin while waiting for the video presentation of the day. Because yes, we’ve been filming you all day and we’re going to show you a video of the best moments to anchor those memories in you. This 8 to 12-minute video can double its length as we rewind and watch again the bravest and funniest moments of the day.

Camping, BBQ, the bonfire, the barn and the music is part of the après-Rafting and are considered an integral part of the short holidays we offer you. Take advantage, it’s not more expensive! If you are not equipped for camping, rent one of our rustic cabins or cottages with everything you need for a most enviable and comfortable evening and night.



Our company and our activities are accredited by the AEQ (Aventure Écotourisme Québec), a professional association in the adventure tourism sector. This association demands rigorous criteria for the inclusion of its members. We are proud to be members of the AEQ. Click on the logo to learn more about this association.

Also, be aware that our guides are a little bit silly, which, fear not, is very nice. Go see the page “Our Team” to know more about them!

We offer you more than any other Rafting company! Compare! Our prices are lower, we spend more time on the water, and enjoy every highlight the Ottawa River has to offer.


Looking forward to seeing you!