Why choose Rafting Momentum?

Our guides are experienced, cautious, passionate, competent and a little silly! To be a guide to Rafting Momentum, if you’re not a little silly you’re not welcome!!!

Seriously, why choose Rafting Momentum?

Our service is personalized, we have the best prices and no hidden costs. Our prices include: camping, dinner, light lunch, and equipment. Only the wet suits and a video copy of the event is not included.

What is your ultimate argument?

Here, you are not a number! We offer a close and very personal approach and we listen to your suggestions and cater to your demands. Here you are NOT a number! It’s quite simple! Our place is your place. It’s your day on the river, your evening of après-rafting in your reception Barn!

What should I bring?

For Rafting :

  • Sexy bathing suit 🙂
  • Shoes or sandals that hold well to your feet, never mind the high heels 🙂
  • Shorts or pants, t-shirt and a sweater depending on weather temperature (polar or polyester fabrics if possible, avoid cotton);
  • Attach your glasses (we got glasses retainers for sale with our logo);
  • Sunscreen;
  • Medications if you take any (i.e. asthma pump);
  • Another outfit in case you get the first one wet (and you will…);
  • Wet suits are available on site for 10$ a piece.

For camping :

  • Tent;
  • Sleeping bag;
  • Pillow;
  • Floor mattress;
  • Towel;
  • Flashlite;
  • Warm clothes;
  • Bug spray;
  • Yes, you can bring your own alcoholic beverage;
  • Avoid perfumes (mosquitoes love it).

What does rafting mean to us?

For us, rafting is a fun and fabulous adventure to be shared with family and friends. It’s a great day spent in nature, on a beautiful river with lots of rapids. It’s a marvellous water sport. But mainly, rafting is an amazing opportunity to create memories and a great excuse to celebrate friendship and family! Because, when you plan a trip of rafting, you think about those you see often and the one you would like to see more.

What if it rains?

Rafting is a water sport, rain is water, we drink water, many of us have pools filled with water… Water is a wonderful thing!

Mainly, what we mean is that we go good weather, bad weather.

What if there is a storm?

A storm can postpone a start or slow down an excursion, but rarely does it ever result in a cancellation.

What if it snows?

You must be confused!

Can we die?

Yes, you can… But you can also fall down stairs, get hit by a car, be bit by an enraged raccoon or trip over someone sitting on a sidewalk eating a strawberry donut and fall into a manhole!
If you have worries, call us and we will reassure you.

Do we eat well?

Yes, you do! We offer a healthy lunch made of fresh fruits, vegetables, cheese and various nuts that will provide you great energy for the afternoon. And for dinner, we have a classic BBQ with hamburgers, hot dogs and Caesar salad.

What if I have allergies?

Let us know of your allergies upon booking and we will offer you various options.

How old do you have to be to go rafting?

Age doesn’t matter, you need to be over 40 pounds for the Family Momentum package or 90 pounds for the Adventure or Classic Momentum. We won’t accept a 3-month baby of 40 pounds.

Is it best to raft in the spring or in the summer?

The Ottawa river is wide with strong rapids. There is water all year long and each season offers its advantages. In the spring, you will find the rapids a bit more voluminous, while the summer offers more opportunities for your raft to surf. It’s up to you!

Why the Ottawa River?

The Ottawa River is large and voluminous, which means there is a lot less chances to hit a rock.

Its water quickly warms up starting mid-June and becomes very enjoyable for swimming. We believe the Ottawa River is holding magical heating fish.

And since the Ottawa River has many dams upstream that regulate the water level, we don’t fear dryness, we always have a lot of water.