EXTREME – 2 DAYS (Rafting + Parachute)

Rafting 1 day + Parachute Jump

Combine water and air, to experience the thrilling package! A 2-day package that you will remember for the rest of your life! Rafting Momentum and GoSkydive offers you, white water and 13,000 feet of altitude.

Do this activity the day before or after your Rafting. Meet at Gatineau airport for a flight that will allow you to jump in tandem. You will experience the ultimate feeling of free fall for almost a minute at over 200 km/h! Once the parachute opens, you will enjoy the wonderful scenery of the National Capital Region and the Ottawa River.

GoSkydive is located in Gatineau, 15 minutes from downtown Ottawa and 75 minutes from Rafting Momentum base camp.

458$ : Weekdays
473$ : Week-end (and holidays)
468$ : Group 7+ (Only applies if one payment)
What’s included :
  • Parachute jump (GoSkyDive)
  • Full day of Rafting
  • Two meals
  • River equipment
  • One camping night (bring your tent)
  • Beer or beverage at the end of the day
  • Wonderful guide
Requirements :
  • If Ages 18- a parent or guardian must be present at the signing
  • If weight 230+ additional charge of $50
  • Arrive 20 minutes before departure
  • We must have the name of ALL participants
  • Plan 4hrs from arrival to jump off the plane
  • VERY sensitive to weather
  • To reach SkyDive : 819.669.5867, info@goskydive.ca, Website