Rafting Momentum

Upcoming events

Here are some dates worthy of mention.

April and May Weekends – GUIDE TRAINING

You will learn all the concepts to become a competent rafting guide.

We offer you a complete program that spans 10 days. You will do approximately fifteen river runs and learn about the morphology of the river, its waves and their reasons for being.

You will develop canoeing and whitewater rescue skills. Come, a passion awaits you!

Sunday, July 18th 2021 – FAMILY DAY

We offer family rafting all the time, but on Sunday, July 18th, join us for a day where the kids of 40 pounds and more are showcased. We reserve this day only for them and their families.

The Ottawa River offers two very different waterway. One of them allows the adventure Rafting and the other a very safe trip for the whole family.

We guarantee no boat flipping and fun-filled day. Many white water rapids, surf, body surfing and great food. A full day on the river, camping, campfire and marshmallows. Much entertainment throughout the day and evening. Bring your children and experience the unusual.

Bring your kids for an extraordinary experience.

September 4, 5 and 6 2021 - 4, 5 et 6 Septembre 2021 – THANKS TO OUR 2021 GUESTS

Rafting Momentum thanks you for your visit this year and invites you back for a second time at a big discount! Rafting at 1/2 price for this long weekend for those who have completed an application to participate in 2021.

Choose your day, the discount is valid for September 4, 5 and 6.

Thank you for trusting us, thank you for considering us, thank you for encouraging us, thank you for talking about us, thank you for allowing us to go on the river and live our passion. Looking forward to seeing you again!